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Want to submit an activity for this year?  The Progamming Request form is READY!  CLICK HERE to submit your party, game, activity, class, auction, etc!


Event Dates and Times: July 20-24, 2017

* Times for Arrival:
Early Merchant and Ship Arrival:  Wednesday, July 19th from 12PM – 7PM
Pre-registration Entry: Thursday 10AM
General Entry: Thursday 2PM

This will be strictly enforced for the safety and enjoyment of everyone at the event including our hardworking volunteers.   Encampments who choose not to follow this rule may lose choice of camp location for next year.

Official Ceremonies and Courts

Opening Court:  Friday 12 Noon

Dog of the Sea Voting:  There will be a lockbox at Scuttlebutt so that folks may vote throughout the weekend.

Closing  Court:  Sunday 2PM


Dog of The Sea

Who says you can’t teach old Dogs new tricks. We have some exciting changes to the Dog of the Sea contest this year. We have added a few twists and turns to even the playing field and to ensure only the Top Dog will take the wheel. In addition to our usual contests of skill and Dog Pound money grab, we have the popular vote and a very important point system. In essence this year’s Dog of the Sea Contest winner will be awarded to the pirate who accumulates the most Dog of the Sea (DOTS) points. DOTS points are obtained in three ways.


1. Participation in Dog of the Sea Contests.

2. Popular Vote.

3. Accumulation of Dog Pounds.


Points will be accumulated during the event and totaled at the The Scuttlebutt/Town Hall at the end of the entire Dog of the Sea Contest. The 2017 Dog of the Sea Winner will be announced and rewarded at Knotty Kourt Sunday afternoon.

Read on if you have in your mind you might just be the pirate to fill the top slot, or just a lone pirate who wants to get in to the games and understand the system.

Read about the Dog Of The Sea Games Here

IMPORTANT NOTE!  ANYONE can participate in Dog Of The Sea Games, you don’t have to be a contestant!  They are great fun and we highly encourage you to play!


S.A.I.L. Game

sailSeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival 2017 Announces…
A game for all!
After listening diligently over the last few years we have created a game of sorts that all ages can play and EVERYONE can earn Dog Pounds. How many you ask???  How about as much as 400dp?!!

What do you do with the S.A.I.L ?
Each page is designed to complete an emersion experience. Let’s discuss the Royal’s Page
Visit the King – ask a question, discuss a topic – get her stamp
Let the First Princess discover your amazing work in garb, tent, camp design – get her stamp. After you have completed your visits with all the Royals on the page – you earn the page equivalent in Dog Pounds.
Now, some pages are prize pages and some are Dog Pounds, yet others, like the Dog of the Sea Games Page is BOTH! Go watch; get a stamp. Participate in a game; get a stamp!

Merchants Pages
The SeaDog Merchants who have advertised in the SeaDog Newspaper are given a square.
Visit their both, look over their wares, receive their stamp.
Complete the Merchants page, earn a prize, earn Dog Pounds.
Be ready – ask at Gate when you check in where to purchase.
Be aware – the Gypsy Ambassadress loves GAMES. Be at court, be playing the S.A.I.L game, and you will be rewarded with a special stamp.

Interested?  Come learn how to SAIL immediately following opening court! 


Gypsy Village and Stage

Gypsies and the like are inspired to dazzle you with their merchant wares, performances, courses & bartering skills.


Gypsy Village Activities for 2017 to be announced.


Kids Cove, Pirate School and Teens



An area for our little gypsies and pirates whom we lovingly call Smalls. Here, our Smalls are entertained with carnival games to show off their skills and win prizes! Our school house provides not only crafts, but the rich lore and history of both gypsy and pirate. This year we’re also providing a stage area for our Smalls to watch interestingly fun performances!


Click Here to View the Kids Cove Schedule



Is our teen activity center.  We have tons of special programs, activities and contests for teens to help keep them occupied with activities they want to do!

Click Here to View the Buccaneer Bay Schedule



Performances for 2017 TBA.


Classes and Workshops for Adults

Classes and Workshops for 2017 TBA




The Game… You will receive your assigned target with rules, laws, suggestions; and information about your rub. This is like a “Secret Santa” for pirates. You can send gifts, secret messages, drinks to cool off, send them on a journey, invitations to gatherings, events or shows, set up vip area at shows for them… the things you can do are endless!


What I need from you…  Your name, identifying characteristics (type of persona, garb warn, color of hair, unique things about you), who you are camped with or what ship you are part of, allergies, likes and dislikes. If you have a preference that is not common within this event states so, such as “not a drinker”. This year I am adding a request for phone numbers because we had so many rubs people couldn’t find.


To participate in the RUB, please click here for the signup form!

Visit the RUB Facebook group here.



Activities in Encampments

Activities TBA


Other Event Happenings and Features

 Activities TBA.

“Sea Dogs has transformed spring and summer into pirate season. Great way for my family to have fun, meet new friends, and to find our new pirate family. We were welcomed instantly and have found a new home among some amazing pirates. Never a dull moment full of fun, food and festivities.”  – (Rachel from Bubbles’ Cantina)