Welcome to the SeaDog Nation

work like a dog, play like a SeaDog!

As ye approach the entry gate of the port, ye see a notice upon the door…

All entry to the Port of the SeaDog Nation must be through the Customs House! Taxes and gate fees must be paid!

In the distance ye can hear the bells, chimes and calls of the Gypsy Village. Ye can see the flags of the fort and ye can smell the sea and hear the waves crash upon the docks and rocks.

Ye give a grateful sigh, ye have arrived safely to port…

Notices here within

The bank of the SeaDog Nation

The Bank of the SeaDog Nation is operated by the Duchess Gemma Nightwalker. It can be found on Merchant’s Row with its accompaning all Dog Pounds store, Nightwalker’s Cove. All members of the nation whom serve the city-port in work shall be paid by the nation in Dog Pounds. If you do not have an account prior to being paid a wage, it shall be created for you! Come to the Bank of the Nation for all your Dog Pound needs!

Other Services Provided by the Bank of the SeaDog Nation

  • The Rub
  • Messenger Service

Click here for more information about the bank!

Titles and Royalty

Current Monarchs

King Apollyon and Queen Ziegler

The King and Queen of the SeaDog Nation are chosen by vote of the nation at our grand gathering later in the year. To learn more about this process, please visit our other page by clicking on the link.

Places in the noble houses of the Nation are available… for a price.

The SeaDog Nation recognizes the nobility of the Orcish Nation, and the Realm of Chivalry.

The Rub

General Information

What is the Rub?

A Pirate themed “Secret Santa” game! When we are ready we will match you at random to another member of the nation who has also signed up and it is your job to make sure they are properly rubbed! We match adults at completely random*, which means you could be matched with someone from your own camp! But this is a good thing, you already know them well!

*Youth Rub: Will match at random, but trying to keep ages within 5 yrs to each other.

There can be a special situation, if so, please contact one of the ‘Mistresses of Fortune’ in the group page, currently: Gemma Nightwalker and Cecilia Sorkova.

You can mark your encampment with a sign that says ‘Rub Me’ for folks looking for you, especially if you are camping in open camping and not with a ship or household!

Examples of Rub Gifts

Gifts: Garb pieces; trinkets; mugs; horns; bottles of alcohol -adults-; sweet treats like candy or cookies. Cold beverages! ICED DRINKS! Or mugs, with a coffee coupon at the coffee merchant! swords; seashells; hair dodads; Gift Cards from merchants; belts; pouches; jewelry; new dangly bit for their hat!

Acts of Kindness: Special VIP seating at court; paying their way into an event or at the bar; arranging to have their favorite drink ready for them at a bar; massage; foot rub/wash; hair wash

Other: Scavenger Hunt just for them! Belly Dance; Snacks; Drinks; Fire Dance; Bard; Riddles; Stories

What to Keep in mind:

  • Do not assume that a person is aware or interested in ‘Kink’ or ‘BDSM’, a nice new shiny flogger may not go the right way.
  • Respect Consent. Remember that a person may be not interested in being tackled or touched without their permission. Don’t send a person to tackle them. You can send the offer of a massage, but dont be hurt if they turn it down.
  • Respect Relationship Status. If your Rub is married they may not appreciate a lap dance, or they might. Stalk well, ask questions. You can always run an idea by one of their friends to make sure that it is ok. Also, if it is something like a reserved front seat at a burlesque show, make sure to invite their partner!
  • Respect Allergies. Make sure to read the allergy section before you start shopping, though rare, you may end up with someone who is allergic to a type of metal or fabric. Food allergies are more common, peanuts, wheat, dairy, tree nuts, chocolate. Also did you know that tree nut allergy can mean they are allergic to an alcohol aged in oak barrels?
How do I learn about my Rub?
This is the only time I get to legally say this: become a “professional stalker”! Check our their facebook page, ask their friends. If you ask friends, make sure they are part of the pirate community so they know you aren’t some freak stalking their mate. Opening up your facebook profile for public view can help the person assigned to you, but that is your choice. Just be prepared to possibly get random questions from people you may not know 😉
What do I do if my Rub is ‘Missing in Action’?
If you can not find your Rub, head to the Bank of the SeaDog Nation! They can help verify if your Rub is or isn’t on site and possibly help you get your gifts to them. If they are not on site or have failed to arrive by ending court on Sunday, you can leave it with the Head of the Bank and the Bank will work on passing it on. If you do not receive a gift by the meetup, please don’t worry, come to the meet up and the Bank will be ready for you.
How do I get my gift to my Rub anonymously?
You have three options:

  1. Ask a fellow crew member or friend
  2. The Bank will have runners from Buccaneer Bay for a small Dog Pound fee
  3. The Orc’s have set up a mail service, also with a small Dog Pound fee
What is the Meetup and where is the meetup this year?
The Meetup is where we all get together and rubs reveal themselves to each other! Say thank you and grab your ribbon for the year. If you are new and/or do not have a belt favor yet, pick one up! This year -2018- the Meetup will be at Nightwalker’s Cove -next to the Bank of the SeaDog Nation- on Merchants Row directly after Closing Court!
The Rules
  1. If you can not make the event, please contact the Mistresses of Fortune, April Bartosik or Nicole Clugston, with information on how to deliver gifts or get gifts from you.
  2. If you must leave the event early, please stop by the Bank of the SeaDog Nation to let us know, to drop off any undelivered gifts and to make arrangements with the person rubbing you.
  3. Price Cap: There is none. You can buy your gifts to give, or make them, all up to you!
  4. Though it is prefered to start deliveries on friday after court, you must have delivered something by 5pm on Saturday evening. This is limited to your rub’s arrival time, keep an watch for them. If you are doing 1 item, it must be by 5pm. If you are doing multiple smaller items, then same applies, your first delivery must by 5pm Saturday.
  5. Do Not Publicly Complain about your rub or who is rubbing you! If you think your gifts are not nice enough, it may be all they could send and this could ruin their experience of the game.
  6. Do Not Send Illegal Substances! Thank You!
  7. Do Not Send Alcohol To Someone Under Age!
  8. Getting your gift to your Rub, is YOUR responsibility! We are here to help facilitate the game. We have made arrangements with Buccaneer Bay, but this is your job! How you deliver your gift can even be part of the fun!
  9. If giving homemade goods -food or drink- they must be labeled with what they are and what is in them!