Seadog Nights Smoking Policy (tobacco and marijuana)

The keyword is Courtesy. Be nice to your neighbors, and regardless of what you are smoking, do so with regard to those around you that do not smoke or want the smoke around them. With that in mind, the following apply to both cigarette and marijuana:

1. There will be no smoking at the main events where people are gathered, such as the courts or the competitions.
2. We ask that you limit your smoking on the streets. If you need to move between camps and have a lit cigarette, that is fine, but please refrain from smoking if you are just strolling down the road. There are many camps that are fine with smoking, ask permission and step inside a camp nearby to smoke.
3. Individual camps/ship will set their own rules on smoking. Respect those rules.
4. When setting up camp, speak with your neighbors. If they do not smoke, or if they have a kids tent, make sure you work it out between you to try and keep everyone happy. Prevailing winds on site blow away from gate towards the back woods.
5. We will not tolerate drinking or smoking by those under the legal age to do so for that substance. Carry ID with you if you are consuming or plan to consume one of these substances outside your encampment. Your bracelet does not count as proof of age for consuming substances.

We are all sharing this space for a weekend, and we all need to get along. Be courteous, and it will make the weekend better for all.

Capt. Johnny Peacock
Constable, Seadog Nation