Policy about what roads can be driven on and when – coming soon.


SeaDog Nation Parking Info


Ahoy from the Parking Staff of the SeaDog Nation! We’re looking forward to working with you in hopes of a fun event and we know you like to spend the least amount of time with us as possible, so in that vein, we’d like to share some information with you!



When you arrive at the event, you’ll be temporarily parking you car in a designated lane in front of the Customs House. Please follow the directions given to you by the Gate and Parking Staff.

Please fill out your parking pass before leaving the Customs House!  You will be reminded by every parking staff and volunteer you see.



Dependent on what type of parking pass you receive at the registration desk, you’ll next find the appropriate parking space.  There are several different parking passes, but the most common for general SeaDog nation members are: Disabled Parking, Paid Parking and General Parking.


Disabled Parking: Please note, as SeaDog Nights is considered a Private Event and is Temporary in nature, Disabled Parking is limited.  Please plan ahead to arrive early.  If we run out of parking places in the designated area, we will do our best to accommodate.


If you are in need of Side Entry parking space, PLEASE CONTACT PARKING STAFF: seadogparkingstaff@gmail.com If we don’t know of these needs, we can’t plan ahead.


Paid Parking: Paid parking is unnumbered and first come, first served.

The cost of a parking space: $15

No Trailers or Oversized Vehicles will be parked in Paid Parking, Trailers need to be left in the General Parking area, thank you.


General Parking: General parking is unnumbered and first come, first served.

There is no cost to park in General Parking

Trailers and Oversized vehicles are required to be in the General Parking area.  Please bring appropriate locks for you trailer hitches with you.


Please see our lovely map of where you’ll be parking!


In the event that you have broken our parking policies:

Step 1: We will try to contact you via the phone number you have written on your parking pass.  If we speak with you, we expect your vehicle to be moved in a timely manner! If you do not move it, we will contact you a second time, WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU A THIRD, WE WILL TOW YOUR VEHICLE!


Step 2: If we are unable to contact you by phone due to sloppy handwriting or failure to fill out your pass appropriately, we will note your vehicle’s information on our board at the Customs House, and send a Harold after you. If we do not hear from you in a timely manner, WE WILL TOW YOUR VEHICLE!


Step 3: Should you find yourself missing a dragon in the lot, please visit Parking Headquarters in the Customs House.  If we have towed your vehicle, a notice will be hanging there with your vehicle’s information and the steps we took to contact you, as well as how to get your vehicle back.