Event Complete!

Event Dates: 2019 to be announced

Check back in with us later this year for more information!


Adult tickets : $35
Kids age 6-12: $10
Kids age 0-5: FREE

General Admission

Adult tickets : $40
Kids age 6-12: $10
Kids age 0-5: FREE


SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival is intended to be a weekend-long immersive camping event.  This means that everyone is highly encouraged to wear pirate or gypsy garb for the duration of the weekend and set up an encampment.  We require that all cars (also known as Dragons) be moved to the parking lot after you set up your camp, and that they be used minimally during the event unless you have a pre-approved Dragon Cover (meaning a costume for your car so we can’t tell it’s a car during the event).  If you have a Dragon Cover that you want to get pre-approved, please contact us.  We HIGHLY encourage period encampments that look like they belong in a real pirate or gypsy village! This is intended to be a somewhat rustic camping situation, and there is very limited electricity.  Electricity is reserved for food merchants, with some exceptions, please contact us to find out more information. Toilets are port-a-potties, which we refer to as ‘Biffies.’  If you see a biffy that needs attendance during the event, please don’t be afraid to talk to someone with a black belt favor that says ‘Staff’ and we will try our best to be of assistance! The water on site is potable, but does not taste good, we recommend you bring your own water / beverages.

Our event has just completed, we normally come together in July. Look for more information in the coming months!

Note on Camping:  

If you are not affiliated with a large encampment or ship, there are open camping areas available.  Please check with gate staff when you check in to see where the available camping areas are on the map. Camping does not cost extra. If you are affiliated with a large encampment or ship but don’t know where to find them, this information will also be available at the gate.

What to bring to gate with you:

Please bring your state issued ID card.  This not only verifies your ticket purchase, but it verifies your age.  Also, some private encampments may ask you to show your ID when entering their private party. Please bring your confirmation from your ticket purchase.  This can be printed out, or you may show us on your phone or tablet. Note: If someone else bought your ticket, just let us know the name of the person who bought your ticket. Both your names will be on the list at gate, and we can look things up that way. Have any more questions?  Please read through our eventing guides and Frequently Asked Questions.  If we don’t cover something in there that you need to know, please contact us.


Merchant Registration for SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival is closed for the season! Please check back in with us come Jan of 2019 for next year!

General Admission
& VIP Packages

Pre-Registration is now closed! General Admission Tickets will be available on site at Gate!

At Gate Prices:

Adult tickets are age 13 and up : $40
Kids age 6-12: $10
Kids age 0-5: FREE

Refunds/Ticket Transfers

Refunds and ticket transfers are able to be asked for at any point for any reason during pre-registration. Once Registration is closed refunds and ticket transfers are not available except a case by case basis.With questions please email us at seadognationinc@gmail.com.

Large Encampment & Ship on the Dock

See information below for more details on how to sign up

Charter Groups

See Information below for more information on how the Charter System works and how to apply.

Parking Spot


This is an option you can look forward to when registering for next year! Please Remember that the Paid Parking Spots at SeaDog Nights are first come first serve and are not a marked reserved spot. By buying this spot you are paying to parking closer to the site instead of across the street which can be a bit of a walk.

Private Biffies

Private Biffies are $240 and will be placed by event staff to make sure that the biffy in your encampment is accessible by the biffy trucks for cleaning.  They need to be as invisible to the public as possible and marked private so that the populace knows they are a private biffy. The purchase will have to be approved via the land Steward and Autocrat Team.


Merchant Registration for SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival is closed for the season! Please check back in with us come Jan of 2019 for next year!


Charter Groups

Thank You
We truly appreciate our charter / service ships.  These folks represent a large portion of our volunteers, and without volunteers our event doesn’t happen!  Charter ship members not only get compensated for their volunteer hours in DogPounds but they receive a significant discount for general entry.

How it Works:
Charter encampments and ships may pre-register their members for a $10 entry fee in exchange for volunteering 4 hours of time per person. Once you have completed your charter hours, you have the opportunity for further volunteering to earn dog pounds. To qualify your group must consist of 12 or more persons, and you must fill out the google form application and accept the agreement. The applications will be reviewed and once a decision is made we will notify you immediately. The members of each charter who receive a discount must be listed in the service agreement. An example of how the charter will work: Group A has 20 people. 20 people @ 4 hours a person = 80 hours contracted.6 people from Group A work 80 hours and 3 people from Group A work another 12 hours. This brings the total hours to 92. The excess of 12 hours will be compensated in the form of Dog Pounds to the charter group/ship/encampment account. Not individually. Dispersing dog pound individually is done via the charter representative.

You must fill out the application and accept the agreement sent to you. The Applications will be reviewed and once a decision is made you be notified immediately. Each member of your group who will receive the discount MUST BE listed in the service agreement.

Where/How to Register:
Once you have your participation as a Charter Encampment or ship confirmed by the Volunteer Coordinators, the membership coordinator will give you a special pre-registration link.  Pricing: $10 per adult pre-reg. Use the password given to you by the Volunteer Coordinators when you are ready to pay – Charter Encampment/Ship

Large Encampments and Ships on the Dock

Large Encampments
If you are a member of a large encampment or ship – you are eligible for a discount for your crew members.  To be eligible for this discount we ask that you do the following:

Large Encampments are 15 or more people in one encampment.  Please fill out the Land Grab Application below in order to put your name in the hat for a space. The land steward will contact the logistics director to let them know that you’ve been given Large Encampment status, and they will send you a registration link with which you may purchase your discounted entries for your group.

  • For Large Encampments: Pricing: $25 per adult pre-reg.

Ships on the Dock
Ships require a mast, a picture of your ship, and contact information for the captain and first officer (or quartermaster) to be considered for placement on the dock.  Please fill out the Harbor Request Form. PLEASE NOTE:  The dock has limited space!  Your placement on the dock is not guaranteed.  Please contact the harbor master as soon as possible to ensure you have a space.

  • For Ships: Pricing: $25 per adult pre-reg.

Where/How to Register:
Use the password given to you by the land steward or Harbor Master when you are ready to pay
Receive a $5 discount off of General Admission Prices. *Must be pre-registered to get the discount*