The official newspaper of the SeaDog Nation gets over haul as new staff settles into their roles! With a new name and new look, comes new content for the nation to peruse. Look for interviews with top dogs of the nation and Dogs of the Sea. Pages devoted to the youth of the nation and a new section called Tavern, where one will find games and entertainment to be had. Merchants can look forward to purchasing coupon space and all of the nation will be able to place ads in the paper!

Media Department

The Media Department of SeaDog Nights is getting a general overhaul as well, with the all knowing, hard working Webmistress taking on more authority as Media Mistress. Look forward to a more cohesive look to the various Pocket Parrot Applications of the Website, Newspaper, Newsletter, the SAIL and our moving pictures channel! All revamps take time, so we look forward to see what the Nation thinks as they take form.

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