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The Bank of the SeaDog Nation

The members of the Bank of the Nation look forward to helping you with all your Dog Pound needs at our three events! Though you may find several different forms at the events from various households, please know we are the only official currancy of the nation. Please see our page for more information about the Dog Pound, how to get them and what you can do with them!

Dragon Wranglers

Dragon Wranglers Extrodinaire! They do they’re best to make sure you are able to park safely and organized. Before leaving for event, remember to check out their page for the most up to date information!

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Speak like a Pirate

From general translations to ‘this day in history’, here is where to go for fun and interesting pirate news!

Occam’s Edge

One of our fine merchants and also a member of our staff, Historic, Fantastical and daily use knives and swords; Replica Flintlocks; and Pirate and Celtic accessories. Scott ‘The Shameless’ Du’lann, Prince Occam, is well traveled member of our historical society. Visit his site for more information about Himself Himself.

D’Katjie Design

The Czarina Cecilia Sorkova MacPhearson welcomes you to take a look at her page and say hello! Digital Artist with a love of layout design, books and all things geekery, she would love to help design and prep your household/ship logos, flags and other needs!

Andrew Gwin Web Solutions LLC

We know what tools to use in the world of running an online business. We’re dedicated to helping you understand what is needed to launch and maintain a successful website or digital marketing package. We’ll customize each package to meet your level of technical experience.