Large Encampments and Ships

Land Grants and Map Placement for SDN&GC 2016

Definition of a Large Group: 15 people or more who are camping together, usually under the title of a household, village or encampment.  (THIS INFORMATION SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES MERCHANTS, THE DOCKS, AND THE STREET OF DREAMS).  This is the minimum to receive the large group discount.  Any group may purchase a land grant if the land steward approves your group (following the process outlined below).

If you have a ship that you want on the dock, or to be on the Street of Dreams, please contact us so we can get you in touch with the appropriate person.


  1. No group has a permanent fixed location. Land usage is determined by me for the good of the event and I reserve the right to move any group or individual as necessary, at my discretion. This right is extended to my envoys, who are primarily composed of Constab.
  2. A Land Grant may be purchased prior to the final release of the map for 100 Dog Pounds and a promise of a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer service. The volunteer service will be coordinated with the volunteer coordinators. A single land grant covers a 50’ x 50’ reservation.
  3. A single Land Grant reserves your space on the map for the event, if that area is not contested. In no case does this imply that a single person can purchase a Land Grant with the intent of leaving it vacant. The reality is that you’re purchasing a reservation, not the land itself. If you don’t use it, the event will. This also means that large open courtyards are not acceptable in “high density” locations, which will basically be everything but the very edges of the event this year.
  4. If the area becomes contested then the real game begins where a point system is used under the following rules
    1. A large camp pre-reg is worth 3 points.
    2. For each of the previous 3 years you have held that location, you gain an additional point.
    3. Each additional Land Grant (100 dps and 4 additional hours of service) purchased gives you an additional point that covers a roughly 50′ x 50′ (or smaller if you do not require that much space) reservation for one event.
    4. I reserve the right to make it interesting by making sure all parties involved in contesting land, know how many points the other parties have.


Yarl Dick the Beard

Captain of The Longboat

Head Banker SeaDog Nation

Land Steward for SDN&GC 2016

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