Land Grant Policy – SDN&GC 2018


  1. No group has a permanent fixed location. Land usage is determined by me for the good of the event and the Land Steward reserves the right to move any group or individual as necessary, at their discretion. This right is extended to their envoys, who are primarily composed of The Camp Master team and Constab.
  2. A Land Grant may be purchased for the duration of the Land Grant  Game for 100 Dog Pounds and a promise of 6 hours of volunteer service. The volunteer service will be coordinated with the volunteer coordinators. A single land grant covers a 50’ x 50’ reservation (dimensions not exact and can change) .
  3. To purchase a land grant go to the Land Grant google form at ***COMING SOON!! and completely fill out that form.  
    1. Camp Name (Full) :
      1. Example : La Maga Demonios
    2. Camp Name (As you wish it listed on the map) :
      1. Example : La Maga!!
    3. Grid Squares Requested :
      1. Based the google sheet that is linked. You can claim more than one land grant in the same request. If you do not intend to use the entirety of a square, please note that in additional notes.
      2. Example : R12 – R17
    4. Point of Contact (Full RL Name) :
      1. Example : Andrew Gwin
    5. Point of Contact (Full Game Name) :
      1. Example : Profit McDab
    6. Point of Contact (Position within the Camp) :
      1. Secretary
    7. Point of Contact (Best means of contact) :
      1. List method and target.
      2. Example : Facebook.
      3. Example. : Phone 555-555-5555
      4. Example : Email
    8. Second Point of Contact (Name, Means of contact, etc)
    9. Who is paying for the land grant (Dog Pounds) :
      1. The bank account that is covering the land grant.
    10. Who is paying for the land grant (Volunteer hours) :
      1. The RL names and shifts of the people who you intend to cover the required volunteer hours, if known. If you do not know yet, you do not know yet, but it will be YOUR responsibility for making sure the volunteer coordinators assign particular shifts to cover your land grants or you will have ire of the land steward at future events.
    11. Any additional notes :
      1. Other relevant information. Charter ship? Large Encampment? Names of individual staff members that are part of your crew. Etc.
  4. A single approved Land Grant reserves your chosen 50’x50’ space on the map for the event, if that area is not contested. In no case does this imply that a single person can purchase a Land Grant with the intent of leaving it vacant. The reality is that you’re purchasing a reservation, not the land itself. If you don’t use that land, the event will. This also means that large open courtyards are not acceptable in “high density” locations.
  5. The details of Land Grant Game are being updated. Check back soon!