2018 Land Grant Game


  1. No group has a permanent fixed location. Land usage is determined by me for the good of the event and I reserve the right to move any group or individual as necessary, at my discretion. This right is extended to my envoys, who are primarily composed of The Camp Master team and Constab.
  2. A Land Grant may be purchased for the duration of the Land Grant Game for 100 Dog Pounds and a promise of 6 hours of volunteer service. The volunteer service will be coordinated with the volunteer coordinators. A single land grant covers a 50’ x 50’ reservation.
  3. To purchase a land grant go to the Land Grant google form at this form and completely fill out that form.  
    1. Camp Name (Full) :
      1. Example : Port O’Call
    2. Camp Name (As you wish it listed on the map) :
      1. Example : Port O’Call
    3. Grid Squares Requested :
      1. Based the google sheet that is linked. You can claim more than one land grant in the same request. If you do not intend to use the entirety of a square, please note that in additional notes.
      2. Example : R12 – R17
      3. Grid spaces are located here at the MAP
    4. Point of Contact (Full RL Name) :
      1. Example : Skyler Trask
    5. Point of Contact (Full Game Name) :
      1. Example : Skyler Trask
    6. Point of Contact (Position within the Camp) :
      1. Head of House
    7. Point of Contact (Best means of contact) :
      1. List method and target.
      2. Example : Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/
      3. Example. : Phone 555-867-5309
      4. Example : Email landsteward@landsteward.org
    8. Second Point of Contact (Name, Means of contact, etc) :
    9. Who is paying for the land grant (Dog Pounds) :
      1. The bank account that is covering the land grant
    10. Who is paying for the land grant (Volunteer hours) :
      1. The RL names and shifts of the people who you intend to cover the required volunteer hours, if known. If you do not know yet, you do not know yet, but it will be YOUR responsibility for making sure the volunteer coordinators assign particular shifts to cover your land grants or you will have ire of the land steward at future events.
      2. Set up hours will count at a 50% rate for all volunteers up to a maximum of 8 hours counted (totaling 4 Land Grant hours paid) per volunteer per day. All other hours will count as normal.
      3. No one person may provide more than 8 total hours of volunteer time per day.
    11. Any additional notes :
      1. Other relevant information. Charter ship? Large Encampment? Names of individual staff members that are part of your crew. Etc.
  4. A single approved Land Grant reserves your chosen 50’x50’ space on the map for the event, if that area is not contested. In no case does this imply that a single person can purchase a Land Grant with the intent of leaving it vacant. The reality is that you’re purchasing a reservation, not the land itself. If you don’t use that land, the event will. This also means that large open courtyards are not acceptable in “high density” locations.
  5. Land Grants will be accepted in a tiered system this year. From now until May 21st will be the first tier of land grant requests. All land grant requests made within that time block, and only those requests will constitute the first tier. Once the first wave of requests are resolved, they will be locked in place, and the second tier will open with the remaining space, if any. The time frame of the second tier will be identified near the end of the first tier. If there is time and necessity for a third tier, those dates will be announced toward the end of the 2nd tier. Etc.
  6. If the area becomes contested then the real game begins where a point system is used under the following rules. Each Land Grant (50’ x 50’ area) is contested individually.
    1. When two or more participants claim a Land Grant in the same space during the same tier, all parties will be informed by the Land Steward that the area is contested. At this time, both parties will be given the option to withdraw from that space or contest it.
    2. If both participants choose to enter the Contested Land part of the Land Grant game they will both be required to purchase an additional Land Grant for each 50’ x 50’ section they wish to contest. This means they will need to purchase no less than two (2) land grants for each 50’x50’ they wish to contest.
    3. From there, I will open a group communication with both participants and myself. I will announce the current point totals and the negotiations will begin.
  7. The Contested Land portion of the Land Grant Game works off the following point system. Each point only applies to a single 50’x50’ grid square.
    1. Only the largest of the follow two options of bonus points will apply
      1. A charter camp pre-registration is worth four (4) total points.
      2. A large camp pre-registration is worth two (2) total points.
    2. For each Staff member registered as part of your camp, you receive one (1) additional points to distribute as you wish.
    3. Camp with precedence are camps who have spent previous years camped in the same space as they are requesting this year. Each year of precedence, up to three, grants one (1) additional point for each of the 50’ x 50’ sections in which precedence applies.
    4. Each approved Land Grant that is purchased gives you one (1) additional point for each contested parcel.


  1. Some houses\ships will be displaced by the new location of the dock and Merchant’s row. Any displaced house\ship will be given an a number of points equal to the number of years they held their previous place plus one in the grant system in order to better allow them to bid on land spacings.

Caorlann MacGregor
Proprietor of Rhiamon’s Selsword Inn
Head of house for Port O’Call
Land Steward for SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival