Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to our event, please read through each of the questions to make sure you’re ready for when you arrive.
If you are a returning member, go ahead and read through to make sure there hasn’t been any changes to the answers to these questions.

I want to bring my children, is SeaDogs a family friendly event?
Yes!  In fact, we have plenty of planned activities for children and teens at our event.  We have two locations for different age ranges. Teenagers head over to Buccaneer Bay for Boffer Fights and Magic the Gathering Tournaments and younger youth can find Carnival Games and more at the Kids Cove.

Tortuga (Sept) and Toast of Tortuga (Mar) is not open for minors. They are 21+ events.

What do I need to get into the gate?
If you pre-registered, please bring your state-issued ID and a copy of your email confirmation from our registration system.  Note:  This can either be a printed version, or you may show the email to us on your phone.

If you are not pre-registered, please bring your state-issued ID, and your gate fee.  The friendly gate staff will be there to assist you.

Can I smoke marijuana, e-cigarettes or cigarettes?
Cigarettes: Needs to be in camp or at a designated smoking area, multiple locations can be found around site. Please do not “Smoke and Walk”.

Smoking Areas are marked and have a container for storing your butts. Campsite smoking ares should also contain some safe way to dispose of butts. In times of strict fire bans, appropriate rules will be noted and posted for all to read.

E-Cigarettes: Vapping is treated the same as Cigarettes. Please see rules for cigarettes.

Marijuana: Can not be used where it can be seen by general public. Many encampments set up a walled 10×10, called a “Safety Tent” or “Green Room”.

How do I stay safe at the event?

Please mark your guylines with flags or fluorescent markers to prevent accidental tripping.


This event is during the hotter part of the year, and has seen triple degree temperatures at times. Remember to bring plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated.


Wear sunblock! It’s normally intensely hot, and people *will* burn rapidly, particularly if they’re used to the spectacular lack of direct sunshine that is part of living in the Pacific Northwest. Stay in the shade when possible.


This is an outdoor event; with outdoor events you must expect insects such as ants, bees, wasps, and hornets. The insects that could be on site are not limited to the ones listed here. If you are allergic to bee or wasp stings, it is *highly* recommended that you bring along the appropriate medication. The chiurgeon has only a very limited supply of ointments and salves; do not count on his or her supply to provide for your injury.

Need Help?

If you need assistance, please feel free to talk to anyone with a yellow sash (constabulary / security), or anyone with a black belt favor that says STAFF on it.  We are there to assist you and to help you have a safe and fun event!

Can I drink the water on site?
Yes, the water is technically potable, but it does not taste super awesome.  We recommend that you bring in your own drinking water.
Can we bring our pet to SeaDog Nights?
You may bring your pets to SeaDogs. What we expect is that you act like the responsible pet owner we know you are.
Pretty much all types: should be kept on a leash or in a pen / kennel; make sure your pet has had all its proper immunizations, and that they have enough food, water and shade for the weekend!
Keep in mind that if you do bring your pet, they will attract attention. Have paitence when your fellow pirate asks to approach and pet.
What is Immersion and why is there no Day Trip Price?
Immersion means that we are creating a community of pirates and gypsies for a few days so we can leave the mundane world behind.  This means dressing in pirate or gypsy garb for the duration of the event, leaving cars in the parking lot, minimal use of technology like phones, perhaps even taking on a pirate / gypsy persona or name for the duration of the event.  You might set up a period encampment or eat and drink period food.

Immersion is what makes us different from a renaissance faire type event.  You won’t see tourists walking around in khaki shorts and flip flops – you will see a fantasy pirate and gypsy community created and maintained for a weekend complete with its own currency and government.

I have a CPAP or BiPap machine, is there electricity available?
SeaDogs is a relatively rustic setting.  While there is technically electricity onsite, it is very limited.  Food merchants have priority use of the electricity, and then we try to work it out from there.  With some very few exceptions, most people will have no direct access to electricity during the event.  We recommend alternative methods of powering your machine.

This article may help: For Today’s Pioneer

Can I bring a generator?  We ask generators after dark, battery packs are readily available from dozens of stores and run between $60 and $300, depending on your needs.  Charge it during the day, and if you must bring a generator, make sure that it is as quiet as possible.

Is there RV camping?
There is RV camping in a designated RV camping area at the front of the site.  If you wish to camp with the rest of the populace, you must bring an approved ‘dragon cover’ so as to not impose on the immersion aspect of our event.

Contact us for more information.

Can I have a campfire?
First and foremost, state and local regulations concerning fires must be followed. If there is a burn ban in effect, fires will not be allowed. If there is no burn ban in effect, strict guidelines set forth by the site owner must be followed. Failure to follow said guidelines may result in being asked to leave and a fine of $100 US currency (not dog pounds). This being stated, the following are the guidelines:

  1. No fires are allowed without a permit.
  2. Permits are given without fee.
  3. Ask your Block Constable for your Fire Permit.
  4. All fires must be 18 inches above ground or 12 inches with a ground shield.
  5. All fires must be attended, whether enclosed or not.
  6. Unattended fires will be extinguished immediately.
  7. Tiki torches may be allowed, but with the same requirements as camp fires.
  8. No fires of any kind inside the tree line! (with the exception of gas cooking fires).
  9. Fires must be in an open area with the limbs of a tree no closer than 10 feet.
  10. More details may be found here.