Questions and Answers

At this time there have been many questions as to the current situtation going on in our community. The Board of Directors and the staff of the events would like to address the questions that have been put forth in a way that is easy to read and wont get lost in our Facebook Forums. The following sections are seperated by catigory,  to help you find the specific topic of your choice.

Please understand that if there is a question posted here with no answer, it has been placed here so that you the nation know, that the question is being addressed, but we are taking the appropriate actions to make sure the answer given is the correct and best answer possible.

SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival and Tortuga Pirate Festival

Who is running the events for 2018
SeaDog Nation Inc is running SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival and Tortuga Pirate Festival for the 2018 season.
Who is the Land Steward? Harbor Master?
Brian Hubble is the Harbor Master, The application can be found here

Skylar Trask is the Land Steward. His post can be found here

Who receives the profits of the these events?
The contact between SeaDog Nation Inc and Sarcastabitches LLC. states a small flat rate per event will be paid to Sarcastabitches LLC, with the rest of the proceeds going to SeaDog Nation Inc.
How are refunds processed
Refunds are processed by request through the autocrat Jamie Rae MacPhearson. As of 5/15/2018 all known refunds have been processed. If you had requested a refund prior to 5/15/18 and have not recieved it, please PM or email her at Once pre-registration closes there are no refunds available to be processed..
How Charter/Land Grant effects volunteer hours and DogPounds earned?
If you charter: If your group charters, each person in that charter agrees to give 4 hours of required volunteer time. These hours are not paid as this is how you get in at a discounted rate. If you volunteer more than your required hours, you will be paid for those in DogPounds.

If you have a land grant: In the game if you have a land grant, with that comes 6 hours of required volunteering from someone(s) in your group PER Land Grant. These are separate hours from charter hours. These hours are paid hours, in DogPounds.

If you Charter and have a Land Grant: The group will be resposible for 6 hours of volunteer time + individual members will have 4 hours of volunteer time each.

The Board of Directors of SeaDog Nation Inc.

Will Sea Dog Nation Inc Change its name?
Posted May 10th 2018:
We see the need for change in the Nation. We see that you, the people feel misrepresented and want to be heard and acknowledged. We agree that changes need to be made and we want to make them with you. We strive to be a catalyst that brings together beautiful dreamers in fascinating garb. We are linked together by community and common interest.

We feel that the first step to move in the direction of mending this Nation is to rename our Non-Profit Organization. We do not own Seadog Nights and that event is not the only event we want to offer you. Our current name causes confusion and distrust. Our allegiance must be to the populace of our Nation and no single entity or event. We are here to protect all of you and, in best faith, attempt to do what is best for the whole of the Nation.

We come to you, the people of this Nation, for a name. We can think of no one else qualified. You can submit ideas via PM or via our email

Who is on the BOD and their Positions?
  • Rachel Gardner – President
  • Debra Prom – Vice President
  • Tasha Morris – Treasurer
  • Brooke Newman – PR
  • Elizabeth Drielle – Secretary
  • Michael Storm – Member at large
  • Brock Holiday – Member at large 
Who owns what?
Sarcastabitches LLC owns all of the intellectual property for SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival and Tortuga Pirate Festival.
Best way and times to contact?
The best way to contact the SDN Inc BoD is through their Facebook page or through email:

As for times, we are people just like you, we have families and jobs and cannot answer every day all day long. Normal business hours 9 to 6 would be the best times to get ahold of us.

What happened to the idea of "Replacement Events"?
The post about replacement events was made with the intent that as we were unable to come to a contract with Dennis, we would host our own. Now that we were able to sign a contract with the Sarcastabitches LLC for our regular events, and due to timing, we have decided to continue with SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival and Tortuga Pirate Festival.

SDNation Inc. & Sarcastabitches LLC.

How are conflicts of interest between board members and LLC members going to be mediated?
The members of the SDNation Inc board -Tasha and Brooke- recused themselves during the negotiations between the two entities and will continue to recuse themselves on items that could be conflicting.
Does the arrangement have a multi-year contract?

Sarcastabitches LLC owns the IP outright. Dennis no longer has any connections to the IP or profits from the events.
The Agreement between SB and SDNI is for this year 2018. After this year there will be an assessment if the events are worth continuing or if starting the new year fresh with different events would be best.


Management of the events for 2018
Sarcastabitches LLC owns the IP for the events.

SDNation Inc leased the events from them. SDNation Inc is in managerial control of the events.

Sarcastabitches LLC.

Who is on the BOD and their Positions?
  • Brooke Newman – President
  • Tasha Morris – Vice President
  • April Bartosik – Secretary
  • Nicole Clugston – Media and Web
Best ways and times to contact?
There are three ways to contact the, their Facebook Page, their Website or via
What are Sarcastabitches LLC plans for their payment via SeaDog Nation Inc?
They will be using these funds as seed money to start up events starting this fall. Please visit their website for more information!

Dennis Rensink

What is the status of the investigation into allegations of sexual assault?
A third party investigator is looking into these allegations and so is the Lebanon Police Department. Any further questions on the investigation can be asked to the Lebanon Police Department.

As we get more information from either party, so will you.

Will Dennis profit from the events?

No, Dennis Rensik will not be profiting from these events. All financial ties have been cut.

Sarcastabitches LLC paid Dennis directly from their pockets for the IP of SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival and Tortuga Pirate Festival. He will not receive funds from the events themselves.
Some people feel this does still benefit Dennis in a roundabout fashion. This is a valid opinion and anyone with this opinion should not be treated poorly for it.

Why the split with Dennis Rensink?
The split Dennis happened when negotiations for the annual contract between himself and the BOD of the Nation failed to come to completion.
Will Dennis be attending the events?

Dennis will not be in attendance.