Eventing Guide

Eventing Guide

On this page we attempt to answer your questions about just how this eventing experience works! This is a work in progress, and we hope to be adding more information all the time. If you think you can contribute, please let us know! We are happy to take feedback, and will possibly post it here if we find the info you have to offer helpful. We hope to be able to benefit event newcomers and veterans alike! Some of these documents are appropriate for all of the SeaDog Nation events in general, some are just for SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival.


Event Dates: July 20-24, 2017
* Times for Arrival:
Early Merchant and Ship Arrival:  Wednesday, July 19th from Noon – 7PM
Pre-registration Entry: Thursday 10AM
General Entry: Thursday 2PM


Ettiquette and Responsible Eventing

* SeaDog Nights’ Pirate Code by Somatra Devi

* Basic Eventing Guide by William De Nancy

* Responsible Eventing by William De Nancy

* Common Lingo by David Rockett


Camping Pack Lists

Packing List by William de Nancy

* Pack List by Somatra Devi

* Pack List by Devi Safir



How to stay cool during and event by William de Nancy

* Anti-Harassment and De-Escalation Policy

*Fire Safety Policy 2017

* Fire Performance Policy

*Seadog Nation Boffer Policy


 Seadog Nation Specific Guides / Rules

* Vehicle Policy

*Generator Policy

Official Conventions of Corsair Fighting in the SeaDog Nation (Boffer Rules) – by Evan Schlesinger and Kurt Studenroth, updated 2016

* Dogpounds: Our Nation’s Currency – by Governor Zorgon

* Smoking Policy: Cigarettes, E-cigarettes and Marijuana. – To be updated shortly!

*Refund Policy


Need something to wear?

We offer a loaner garb program!  Come see us at the gate house, next to scuttlebutt and look through our loaner outfits and find something that suits your fancy!  Having garb to wear helps us keep our immersive atmosphere, plus it’s fun!  Give $2 – $1 goes to repair, washing and upkeep of the garb, and $1 will be given back to you upon return of the clothing.


SeaDog Nation Facebook Groups

Discussion / Support / Community Groups

* Official SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival Group

Unofficial Forum for Frivolities

* Pirate Community Support

* NW Pirates Brightening Lives


Costuming and Themed Encampments

* SeaDog Nation Garb / Costuming

* SDN’s Decorating Ideas For Camps At The Events

* SeaDog/Gypsy Clothing Exchange Group


Event Activities

* SDN Volunteers

* SeaDog Nights “The Rub”

* Gift Giving and Idea Generating Group (for the Rub)

* Event Cooks

* SDN Kid’s Cove

* SDN’s Alchemist’s Alcove

* Northwest Gypsies for Re-enactment


Sanitation / Recycling

* SDN’s Green Dogs

* Bring Out Your Dead



* Guild of Event Merchants


Games / Boffering

* SeaDog Stickballers

* Boffer Fighters of the SeaDog Nation



* SeaDog Nights Carpools

* Tortuga Carpools


Other SeaDog Nation Events:

* Toast of Tortuga

* Tortuga Pirate Festival


Need more info?  The SeaDog Nation has a Pinterest Board!  We pin costuming and craft ideas, childrens activities, camping hacks and other inspirational ideas for Pirates and Gyspsies!  Click here to visit our board.