Dog Of The Sea Games


Dog Of the Sea Games 2016

For any questions, please contact the Dog Of the Sea Coordinator.

*NOTE: All of this information is subject to change at any time.  Also, take note that just because you are not participating in the Dog Of The Sea contests, we encourage you to participate in the games!  They are open to everyone.


Dogpound Payouts for each game:

  • 200dp – First Place
  • 130dp – Second Place
  • 70dp – Third Place

Capture The Flag

5PM Friday – 5PM Saturday, Check in at the Cathach

Win fabulous booty and earn more Dog Pounds as you show off your piratey ways and do what it takes to beg, borrow, poison, and steal as many flags as possible before this contest ends. There are two capture the flag events:
1 – A 24 hour long marathon event.
2 – A (approximately) one hour long individual youth/children’s event at the war field at 11:30 AM on Saturday.

Contact person: Captain Benjamin MacPhearson of The Cathach

24 hour event rules:
Sign up at the at the airship, The Cathach, to get your flags (see map at Gate or ask at Scuttlebutt for camp location). 20 flags will be given to the first 20 ship or large encampments to sign up. 80 personal flags will be distributed to the first 80 individuals to sign up.

Each ship/encampment flag (those handed out for the game, not the ships’ colors) will be worth 10 points. Ship/encampment flags must placed in plain sight and must be able to be reached by someone standing on the ground. (No placing them on the flag staffs, high in the rigging, or in the crow’s nest, etc.).

Personal flags (those carried by a single person) are worth 1 point each. All personal flags must be carried on one’s person during the hours which the game is being played (no stashing them in your tent, etc.). Flags can only be taken between sun up and sun down.

ALL Sea Dog Boffer rules are to be followed throughout the game!

Time and Place:
Flags will be handed out from 4:30 pm (1650) on Friday through noon (1200) on Saturday from the Captain of the Cathach. The contest starts on Friday at 5pm (1700) and will end on Saturday at 5pm (1700) (pirate time) when all flags are to be turned in to be counted at The Cathach. Take note pirates: Stealing flags from those waiting to turn in flags is not allowed!

The top flag holder will receive a piratical prize and in addition, the top three flag holders will also be given Dog Pounds.

Cheating is not advised. Counterfeit flags will be counted against one’s total in the number of points equal to those the counterfeit flag would have been worth had it been real.

Contact Person: Ben Vandermeer

Iron Alchemist

Friday 7PM on the Headhunter Ship

Are you a fan of drinking, cooking shows, and torturing judges? If so, then Iron Alchemist is the competition for you! Bring your booze and mixers, vessels and creativity. The game will provide secret ingredients which you will have to mix into alcoholic drinks for your competitors and the judges.
NOTE: Due to an allergy, tequila and anything containing agave will not be allowed this year.

Contact person: Torrance MacPhearson (Terry Noll)


Tablero Tournament

Friday Sundown until Sunrise Sunday morning in the Governor’s Club

Red Dragon Inn Group Tablero Adventure:
Tournament Contestant: You would have to form an adventure group to play. The Ring leader (The person entering in the tournament), A Warrior, A Bard, a Wizard (are required in order to play the game. The Bard is expected to perform bardic duties). The 3 characters are support characters that allow the leader to accomplish the game. The ring leader would seed the audience with his own fan club. A fan club is not required but highly suggested for ultimate success.

Contact Person: Governor Zorgon

Viking Pillow Fight

Saturday 11am Sanctuary of Pan.

You’ll need all your cunning and wits to survive in the Viking Pillow fights. This is a One on One competition to that blends Marco Polo and all out Pillow fighting!
Each Contestant is blind folded, and must keep one hand on the top of the treasure chest at all times, but may move around the chest before asking or answering the calls. First to 3 hits on opponent wins. If time limits are impose due to number of contestants winner is the person with 3 hits or most hits in the time allowed.

Contact Person: Cassie Lee


Curse of the Gypsy

Saturday Noon – 6pm at Gypsy Village

Goal of the game
Collect all 6-8 of the beads and babbles connected with the clues on your curse cards. With the clues you need to find the person or place that matches and collect the token. When you find your person or place that matches your clue you must then bribe, charm, or pay (with dog pounds) them to get your token. Each person that is the clue will have a piece of 8. If you bribe/pay/charm or do a good deed for them and better then anyone else, they may give you a piece of 8. You must then find the gypsy who is able to remove the curse. Bribe, charm, or pay and she will remove the curse for you. The person with the most pieces of 8 will win!
(This is a Scavenger Hunt for people ~ Meet & Greet Style Game)

Contact person: JeZeBeLe the Gypsy Queen

Knife Fight

Saturday 1pm on The Headhunter

Two enter, one  leaves.

Two combatants enter a circle and are each handed a boffer dagger. Basic boffer rules will apply.

1. No head shots
2. Arm hit, put arm behind back
3. Leg hit, kneel or knees
4. Body shot or two limbs, you lose
5. No personal weapons.
6. Marshal has the final call.

Contact person: Commodore Morgan MacPhearson (Nathan Brakefield).

Dawg Bowl

Saturday 3pm at the Warfield

This is a team event. 5 players on each team. Teams will compete in contests of skill and cooperation. The team that performs the best will be declared the winner. Keep in mind that this event happens in the afternoon. Many of the events will involve water so expect to get wet !

Contact Person: TBA


Sirens Snare

Saturday 5pm at the Governor’s Club

A very entertaining and fantastic show for all those watching and involved. A talent contest that involves four main categories: Singing, Scream, Bribe and Flirt. Oh, and there is a fifth, and secret category; which is worth some extra points! But you must find it first, the information for that little game can be given by Andros or Rowena of The House of Blue Wyrm. So Bring your singing and screaming chops, and perhaps even you can seduce those like so many sirens before.

Contact person: Andros of the Blue Wyrm


Wooing Contest

Saturday  7pm at the Governor’s Club

Can you woo a panel of judges to YOUR side? Do you have what it takes to convince your fellows that you are the obvious and only choice to win this game ? If so ,then try your skills in the wooing contest. Fame and fortune await the worthy.

Contact person: Captain Deb of the Castilian Fleet


Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 11am, check in at Headhunter ship

Hungover from too much cavorting on Saturday? Too bad, there’s another Dog of the Sea game on Sunday! That’s right, the Scavenger Hunt will test your wits and endurance as you run around trying to find, fabricate, or filch the necessary loot. Teams are encouraged but not required.

Contact Person: Torrance MacPhearson (Terry Noll)