Buccaneer Bay is dedicated to the members of our nation between the ages of 13-20. Here you will find announcements and information concerning the onsite activities that can be found at SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival.

Progams New 2018

Pirate 101

Learn to be a proper SeaDog and how to make a persona. How do you play “the game”? Czarina Cecilia Sorkova MacPhearson welcomes all to come learn how to be SeaDog in the nation.

Saturday Night Party

We had a wonderful time together and the staff of the Bay can not wait to see you all again soon!

Magic the Gathering

Our tournament went well and we are looking forward to next year, so get your decks ready!

Champion of the Sea

Captain Ruby of Buccaneer Bay

A member of the Draconian Fleet, Ruby showed her metal as a true pirate this year. She participated in every aspect of the game, including attending classes, boffer making and the Dock Raid.

Captain of the Guard

Pickle of the Sweet Belly

Winner of our difficult Scavenger Hunt, Pickle was a hard working pirate of the best kind! He showed great stamina and helped out when asked. Though he missed the Dock Raid, he did participate in Damsel in Distress game and was given equivalent points.

We all look forward to seeing both positions grow and seeing how these two fill their roles!

Champion of the Sea

Required Tasks

Participate in Boffer Making
Full Participation : 40pts

or have your own weapon signed off.

The Dock Raid
Full Participation : 20pts per kill;
+2 for defending your crew;
+3 for helping smalls;
-5 for betraying your crew
Complete These Classes
Full Participation : 40pts

Pirate 101 – where we work on personas and the importance of “The Game” within the SeaDog Nation.
Crafting Class – each year we will have a different crafting option for folks to try
The “Basics” – the Basics covers knots, compass work and other nautical information.

Participate in The Scavenger Hunt
Full Participation : 10pts per correct answer

A hard contest of riddles and activities. Get out there and ask questions, talk to people and pirate!

Participate in a Tourney
Full Participation : 40pts Base; +50 for placing in top 3

Magic the Gathering, Hydration Toblero or Boffering.

Test Yourself
Full Participation : each has it’s own scoring, you may ask to see how each is scored

All things you learned,
all the things you’ve earned,
Czarina says to use your brain
to show how much you’ve gained!

Volunteer Shift
Full Participation : 25pts per hour or equivalent, ask staff for details

We in the Nation place high value on service to the Nation. And anyone who wins this coveted title had better show how much they care about their fellow pirate!