Buccaneer Bay Schedule

Buccaneer Bay Schedule 2017


Thursday 6PM – 7PM

Teen Social / Code of Conduct

Teens stop on by and meet your comrades. Find out whats happening at the Bay this year and review the codes of conduct as well as receive paperwork in regards to activities you wont want to miss! Facilitating: Helen Bach & Pandora Choasin

Thursday 7PM – 9PM

Stories with Uncle Zorgon

Stories with Uncle Zorgon, He will be telling stories about his time as a pirate. All stories will be family friendly and everyone is welcome.

Thursday 7PM – 9PM

Decorate Buccaneer Bay

Come on over and decorate the Buccaneer Bay! Facilitated by: Helen Bach & Lett Choasin

Friday 9AM – 10PM

Buccaneer Bay Volunteer Challenge

Volunteer Challenge Begins Facilitating: Helen Bach & Pandora Choasin

Friday 9:30AM – 11AM

Viking Pillow Fight

Viking Pillow Fight Fight with the most feathered of weapons to prove your worth in a Viking Challenge.  Facilitated by Peanut

Friday 11AM – 2PM 

Boffers With Riggs

Learning how to build a simple boffer that you get to keep and take with you. $5 for the supplies.

Friday 2PM – 3PM

How to Play The Game

Learn the rules of engagement for champion game and dog of the sea for teens. Facilitated by: Marlin Nightwalker

Friday 3PM – 4PM

Persona with Zorgon

Learn how to develop your persona.

Friday 4PM – 6PM

Tablero Tournament

Come and compete in the Tourney of Tablero hosted at the Pain. Facilitated by: Angus Crabgrass MacPhearson


Saturday 9AM – 11AM

Knife Throwing

Aim, throw and earn points with Knifes at targets for points Parents: You will need to be present for this event as well as sign a waiver. Facilitated by: Helen Bach & Lett Choasin

Saturday 11AM – 2PM

Boffers with Riggs

Learning how to build a simple boffer that you get to keep and take with you. $5 for the supplies.

Saturday 2PM – 3:30PM

Dock Raid

Gathering at Buccaneer Bay ~ Prepare to Raid Facilitated by: Angus Crabgrass MacPhearson

Saturday 3:30PM – 5PM

Panda Obstacle

Do you have what it takes to do the Panda Obstacle Challenge? Gathering at the Panda on the Dock. Facilitated by: Headhunter

Saturday 5PM – 7PM

Giant Twister

Remember twister? This game is bigger, set up for teams to play against eachother. Family Friendly. Facilitated by Shelly Finnegan

Saturday 6PM – 9PM

Magic: The Gathering Tournament

You are invited to participate in this years Magic the Gathering Tournament Bring your own deck. Facilitating: Josh Stewart Rules for 2017 Seadog Nights Buccaneer Bay Magic the Gathering Tournament. For any teen wanting to take part in this tournament the following rules will be followed. All decks must follow all banned and restricted lists. Web link provided for you convenience http://magic.wizards.com/en/game-info/gameplay/rules-and-formats/banned-restricted All decks must contain at least 10 blue cards which can include islands. Decks must meet the minimum deck requirements for number of cards in the deck. Any disputes will be settled by the tournament host/judge(s). Their decision is final. Sideboards will be allowed. All players will treat each other with respect Failure to abide by the rules can lead to disqualification from the tournament. Tournament style and number of rounds will be determined by number of players in the Tournament. There will be prizes for Top 3 players. Rounds will have a 30-45 min time limit depending on number of participants. Rounds will be best of 3 games. (Winners of round will receive 3 pts. Loser of the round will receive 2 pts and a Tie each player receives 1 pts.

Saturday 7:30PM – 9PM

Social Hour


Sunday 9AM – 10AM

Buccaneer Bay Champion Judging & Dress Like A Pirate Judging

Champion Judging Bring your points to tally up your champion score! Put your skills to the test and show us your flare. Create your own pirate persona and dress the part! Join us for the annual Buccaneer Bay dress like a pirate contest judging at 9AM Sunday. Facilitated by: Helen Bach & Lett Choasin