The bank of the nation is run by volunteers who are dedicated to their work and believe that the Bank is by the Nation and for the Nation. We are the holders and care takers of the official currency for SeaDog Nation and we look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions, please message us from our facebook page Bank of the SeaDog Nation

Welcome to the official

Bank of the SeaDog Nation!

We are currently in ‘Off Site Hours’

On Site Hours: Friday & Saturday 12pm to 6pm; Sunday 12pm – Start of Court

Off Site Hours: Messages are answered by a member the team as soon as possible, please give 1 to 2 days for a response. In the days leading up to an event, know that we are packing aswell and please give us time and understanding.

Duchess Gemma Nightwalker

Duchess Gemma Nightwalker

Head of the Bank

Crew of the Grand Armada, Duchess Gemma Nightwalker spends countless hours dedicated to the Nation as both head of the bank and also a Mistress of Fortune the Rub Game.

Bibi Sorkova

Bibi Sorkova

Second of the Bank

Bibi Sorkova is a member of the Wayward Caravan and adoptee of the Czarina Cecilia Sorkova MacPhearson. Though she has been with the nation for several years, she wishes to get to know the nation better!