Anti-Harassment and De-Escalation Policy


Consent is mandatory.
Consent is also the law.

Don’t touch anyone, in any way, unless you have asked for and received their permission.
If you don’t understand what that means, don’t come to the event.

If someone asks you to stop doing something to/at/with them, stop doing it. This includes talking, yelling, whistling, etc. We aren’t going to stop you from “catcalling”, but if someone asks you to not do it to them, or tells you to stop, you must stop. Also, yelling at random people as they pass by for any reason is gauche* and repulsive.

This requires communication. If someone is doing something offensive to you, clearly tell them. If you can not, or are not comfortable doing so, talk to someone who can act as your advocate, or a person in charge of the offender, (their captain, household leader, etc.) If the situation escalates beyond that, find a constable or any staff member with a radio, and we will come assess the situation.

Failure to follow this policy will result in a variety of things, including ejection from site or contacting the police. Don’t be that person.

-Capt. Johnny Peacock
Constable, Seadog Nation