Thank You!

For everything that you have done for us!

We had a marvelous time with you this year! Please look forward to more information and please, if you are over the age of 21, we hope you will join us find our next King and Queen at Tortuga Pirate Festival!

Tortuga Pirate Festival - 21+

‘Tis once again that time to Toss Three Sheets to the Wind,
Hoist your Colors, Rouse that Lazy, Rum-Sucking crew and
make sail for Lebanon, OR to experience the festivities!

Thank you for attending! We look forward to seeing you next year!

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We are an immersion-style event that is Pirate and Gypsy themed! Set sail with us and take a side trip from your mundane life to experience a weekend of shenanigans, ships, fun, games and fire for grownups (or at least those who are grownup on the outside), kids and everyone in between.

What does this mean?   It means a unique experience for you,  your family and friends.  Spend a weekend living like a pirate, dressed up in your Pirate or Gypsy best, camping with a whole city of others like you.  Enjoy games, contests, kids activities, parties, performances, workshops and vendors the way you think Pirates or Gypsies might!

PLEASE NOTE:  Our event is intended to be a weekend long camping experience.  While you are welcome to come for the day we do not have a day pass price, and we highly encourage all attendees to dress in garb (costume) as to not break the immersive experience that our patrons enjoy.  In other words, this makes us different from an event such as a renaissance faire.  We welcome newcomers, especially those who take this to heart.  If you don’t have anything to wear, we offer loaner costumes at the event entrance area for a small donation. 

New to our event, or are you an Old Dog who wants to learn some new tricks?

Check out our immersion eventing guide.

 SeaDog Nights, where adults get to be kids again. Leave the real world behind, and be whomever it is you want to be!
– Lady Sasha of the Scarlet Dove